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Welcome Beta Testers!


Staff member
Welcome everyone to the forum. I truly appreciate your time to help launch this forum. Please make sure you introduce yourself in the Hail and Farewell forum. This thread will be used to help organize our tests over the next few days as I bring more features online. As always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Here are a few things I need your help with right now:

How should I organize the Space Topics - My friend Brian has suggested this
Are you trying to decide on subforum categories? I guess I'd start with Manned Spaceflight, with sub categories Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, ISS, Commercial, SLS, and Other Countries. In the Unmanned Category, you could have Earth Orbit and Lunar/Planetary.

What are some off-topic starter threads? News etc? I really want to stay away from politics.

Special features coming soon...
More automated feeds with status updates for launches
Chat feature for launches and special events
Day in Space (daily thread starter)

Let me know what would keep you coming back to talk here.


Staff member
Also you will notice there are two automated feeds from NASA and ULA. These are very much a work in progress but hopefully will lead to sparking discussions on various topics down the road.