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Hello everyone, I'm Wes


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My love of space started with my first visit to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (aka Sprocket) in Huntsville, AL. I was one of those kids that grew up in the shadow of the rocket and space shuttle programs developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. It is hard to remember the exact first visit but it was my Aunt Corene who took me either as a birthday or Christmas gift each year. Little did she know the passion she was fanning into a flame. It didn't take too many visits for me to also aspire to want to attend U.S. Space Camp. Something I got to do with a lot of support from my family in 1994. From there I volunteered at the center in the summer of 1999 and that lead to a co-op position where I would go to school half the day and drive 45 minutes to Huntsville to work the remainder of my day at the center. My business teacher would later tell me that she fought for permission for me to drive that distance just because she knew it would change my life, and it did. When I graduated I gained a full-time job at the center where I continued to learn about teamwork, customer service, and finance skills that I still use to this day. I met the mother of my children there, she was a museum guide, and I've made amazing lifelong friendships. It was a very hard decision to leave but the pay at the center was nowhere near the pay of working on Redstone Arsenal.

While I love all things space, the center has always been my focal point. I'm very dedicated to making sure that it continues to operate and operates at a capacity that makes sure that everyone that wants to visit gets the opportunity.

So let's dig into my other loves....

Juno Launch / ULA Atlas V

ROCKETS. I love rockets more than I can tell you. I've been lucky to see a few significant launches including STS-135, SpaceX CRS-1, and NASA Juno (ULA Atlas V). It always makes my heart drop when I see that light followed by the low rumble.

Moving Endeavour to the California Science Center

NASA. I have to admit I'm shocked that I have never actually worked for NASA. I've had a few opportunities but never made the jump. I did however get to plan several of the NASA Greatmoonbuggy Races and my position at the space center allowed me to meet and befriend several amazing astronauts. I've also been lucky enough to volunteer with the California Science Center as a walking docent of sorts when moving Endeavour and the External Tank through the streets of Los Angeles. I've been a scholarship reviewer for Space Camp for over 10 years (I actually didn't get to participate this year but I'll be back next year).

Visting Smithsonian Service Center (Meteorite Lab)

HoF group.jpg
Friends at Space Camp Hall of Fame Event

FRIENDS. My network of space fans is huge. Part of the reason I decided to launch this site was to have somewhere that was more organized than FB to share and search for information. I love hearing the stories passed down over the years from people that worked in the NASA programs and attending NASA Social events with new friends. I sincerely hope that each of you become my friend as well and help spread the word of our this forum.


Finally, I'm an open book. Ask me anything in this thread and I look forward to interacting with you!


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Thanks @Arel - We will see where this goes but as always I appreciate your support! You are the best!

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